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Layer8Insight App for Splunk v2.0 Released

It is with great excitement that we announce the release of our completely redesigned Layer8Insight App for Splunk, version 2.0. The full set of changes and guidelines about use and updating of the app can be found on our support portal. The improvements include new dashboards, streamlined searches, better ... Read more »

Splunk Dashboards - Highlighting Required Inputs

Continuing the thread from our previous article about tooltips, let's discuss more ways to improve the UX of Splunk dashboards, namely highlighting required inputs. Websites often indicate that user input is needed in a form. This requirement may seem unnecessary to a novice UI developer, but I have participated in ... Read more »

Layer8Insight Agent Released by OctoInsight

OctoInsight Inc has announced the release of its user experience measurement product, Layer8Insight, for Windows desktop and VDI environments. The updated product package includes: Streamlined and extended endpoint agent Updated installation and uninstaller scripts Improved Splunk apps that support new data formats and include new dashboards The release notes are ... Read more »

Splunk Tooltips - Instructions Included

Splunk dashboards let users drive how and what data is presented via a multitude of mechanisms. The most common are inputs like text boxes, dropdowns, radio buttons and other familiar HTML entities. Like a modern, user-friendly website, a Splunk dashboard should help guide the user as to when and what ... Read more »

Layer8 v4 Released by OctoInsight

OctoInsight Inc has announced the release of version 4 of its flagship product, Layer8. Nearly all components of the endpoint package and Splunk-related utilities have been updated, including: Redesigned agent run-time management and event processing Updated browser extensions Refactored Layer8Insight App for Splunk The release notes are available on our ... Read more »