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Splunk Dashboards - Highlighting Required Inputs

Continuing the thread from our previous article about tooltips, let's discuss more ways to improve the UX of Splunk dashboards, namely highlighting required inputs. Websites often indicate that user input is needed in a form. This requirement may seem unnecessary to a novice UI developer, but I have participated in ... Read more »

Splunk Tooltips - Instructions Included

Splunk dashboards let users drive how and what data is presented via a multitude of mechanisms. The most common are inputs like text boxes, dropdowns, radio buttons and other familiar HTML entities. Like a modern, user-friendly website, a Splunk dashboard should help guide the user as to when and what ... Read more »

There can be only one ... Submit Button?

Highlander and Splunk? Really? Such a mental stretch may come to mind shortly after digging for examples of how to add buttons - Submit buttons specifically - to Splunk dashboards. Have you built a dashboard with input filters inside of panels? Did you want to localize the filtering you apply ... Read more »

Customizing Dynamic Time Spans in Splunk Dashboards

Splunk users that deal with timecharts likely run into the issue of wanting to customize the dynamic time span feature. A quick search of Splunk Answers will discover such inquiries, including this one with a suitable answer (we use it in our Layer8Insight App for Splunk). Now, it is tempting ... Read more »

Base Search and Token Debugging in Splunk Dashboards

Using many dynamic components in a Splunk Web Framework Dashboard pretty much guarantees the heavy use of tokens. Tokens are like global variables in a programming language. They store stateful information as strings, and the components of a dashboard can be dependent on the token values. Suggested reading on tokens ... Read more »